APE Remote Learning Week 14- Summer Resources & September 2020 Outlook

Things to do for summer.  Check out these websites for updates. New York Road Runners (NYRR) Fast Feet NYC For September I will be looking to providing some live instruction for my students using Zoom.  I will keep you posted when that happens.  Zoom is a much better platform to record movement and exercise.  I highly recommend that my students and parents download the Zoom app on their smartphones, Ipads or laptop computers.

APE Remote Learning Week 13- Backboard Bank It- Target Game Check out this cool throwing activity that you can do at home using your socks and laundry basket. Equipment Needed: 1. Pair of rolled up clean socks 2. Laundry Basket

APE Remote Learning Week 12- Special Olympics Endurance Workout Good morning to my fellow students.  I have posted a little warm up exercise that you can do at home either inside or outside.  1. Jumping Jacks 2. March and Swing Arms ( In place) 3. Punches Have a great week! Mr. George

APE Remote Learning Week 11- Tai Chi For Kids Tracks 7-9 During this week we will focus on the tai chi energy ball, bow and arrow and the dragon.  These moves focus on balance and flexibility.

APE Remote Learning Week 10- Little Sports Workout I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend.  This workout from Little Sports focuses on abdominal and leg strength.  It is a bit challenging so please go at your own pace and modify the exercises as needed.

APE Remote Learning Week 9- Tai Chi for kids Tracks 4-6 During week 9 of remote learning we will continue with our tai chi skills.  In this video we will practice the Birds Beak, Dragon Eats the Pearl and Embracing the Tree. This will help us with our flexibility.

APE Remote leanring Week 8- Little Sports Exercise We are at Week 8 of remote learning.  Keep up the good work.  Here's a workout for the week from Little Sports.  Make sure you go at a steady pace as tolerated.  Remember its better to do the exercises slowly and correctly rather than rushing the technique.