Johnson and Johnson Fitness App

Good morning everyone.  I just wanted to pass along some cool information about a free fitness app that you can download for iphone and/or ipad.  I personally like this one. It is easy to follow and it allows you to choose which exercises you want to modify. Below are some tutorials on how to use the app.

Intro video 1: 

Intro video 2: 

Intro video 3:

APE Remote Learning Week 2.

Here's an inspirational quote to kick start off week 2.

Fitdeck Exercise of the Day- March 27, 2020

Try this Yoga pose.  Make sure to control your breathing and maintain balance.  If you need support you can use a chair or stay in a seated position.

Jr. NBA Drill March 26, 2020

This is a video by Miami Heat forward Duncan Robinson who is one of the NBA's  best 3 point shooters. In this video you can practice your shooting form at home.  Also refer back to my March 18th post regarding B.E.E.F.
Modification tip:  If you don't have a basketball at home you can use a tennis ball, wiffleball or crumble up a piece of paper.

Fitdeck Exercise of the Day- March 25, 2020

Most of you know this exercise as bear walk or bear crawl.  This exercise will help you develop upper body strength. In addition this is a good way to get stronger so you can do push-ups.

NYRR Running Exercise- March 24, 2020

Even though we are remaining indoors for most of the day, it is important to exercise and move daily.  I am posting an activity that you can do with a family member in very small group. Try to get outside for about 30-60 minutes on days that it doesn't rain or snow.  This activity is called Bricks and Feathers.  It teaches you how to run/jog and different paces.  Enjoy.  Feel free to comment.

*Modification Tip: If you are unable to run or jog then you may walk/speed-walk at a moderate pace.